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Akanksha Puri Opens Up About Steamy Kiss with Jad Hadid in Bigg Boss OTT 2, Reveals Awkward Feelings

The latest season of Bigg Boss OTT has been creating waves in the entertainment world, with its unexpected twists and controversies. One such incident that caught everyone’s attention was the steamy kiss shared between Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid, two of the contestants. The kiss, which happened during a game of truth or dare, instantly became a hot topic of discussion both inside and outside the Bigg Boss house.

In a recent interview, Akanksha Puri finally broke her silence on the infamous kiss and revealed her thoughts and emotions about the whole incident. Akanksha Puri candidly confessed that the unexpected kiss caught her off guard and made her feel uneasy. According to her, it was a spur-of-the-moment decision during the game, and she had no prior expectations of it happening. Akanksha clarified that there was no romantic angle or pre-planned strategy behind the kiss, contrary to what some housemates speculated.


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As a well-known personality in the entertainment industry, Akanksha Puri’s entry into the Bigg Boss OTT house had already sparked interest among fans and media. Akanksha Puri’s entry into the show brought a fresh wave of excitement and drama. The surprise kiss incident added even more fuel to the discussions, propelling her to the center of attention and making her one of the most buzzed-about contestants of the season.

Following the incident, many housemates and viewers speculated about the implications of the kiss on Akanksha’s equation with other contestants, especially considering her closeness to some of them. The dynamics inside the house shifted as some housemates felt uncomfortable or misunderstood the intention behind the kiss. Akanksha, on her part, tried to clarify the situation and maintain a cordial relationship with everyone.

Despite the awkwardness caused by the kiss, Akanksha Puri remained confident and unapologetic about her actions. She asserted that the Bigg Boss house is unpredictable and that contestants often find themselves in situations they never imagined. The actress took the incident in her stride and continued to focus on her game while being true to herself.


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In addition to the controversy surrounding the kiss, Akanksha’s presence in the Bigg Boss house has garnered mixed reactions from viewers. Some admire her for being genuine and straightforward, while others criticize her for being too diplomatic or guarded. However, she has managed to build a significant fan following who support her and appreciate her authenticity.

The Bigg Boss OTT season 2 journey has been a roller-coaster ride for Akanksha Puri, with its highs and lows. The actress has showcased her strength, resilience, and versatility in various tasks and challenges thrown her way.

As the season progresses, Akanksha’s fans are hopeful that she will continue to shine and make a mark on the show. Moreover, her ability to handle controversies with grace and speak her mind without hesitation has garnered respect from many.

In conclusion, Akanksha Puri’s journey in Bigg Boss OTT season 2 has been eventful, to say the least. The kiss with Jad Hadid may have stirred up controversy, but the actress handled it with maturity and candor. As the show unfolds further, audiences can expect more drama, emotions, and surprises from Akanksha and the other contestants.

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