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All India Cine Workers’ Body Urges PM Modi to Ban Adipurush and File FIR Against Creators

In a bold move, the All India Cine Workers’ body has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, urging him to take immediate action against the creators of the highly anticipated film, Adipurush. The All India Cine Workers’ body has called for a ban on the film and the initiation of a First Information Report (FIR) against its makers, expressing concerns about the film’s content and its potential impact on social harmony. This demand has ignited a passionate debate within the entertainment industry and among the public, with varying opinions and viewpoints being expressed.

The Concerns:

The All India Cine Workers’ body has raised several concerns regarding the content of Adipurush. They argue that the film could potentially hurt religious sentiments and incite social unrest. They claim that certain elements of the storyline and portrayal of characters could be seen as disrespectful or derogatory towards a particular community. The organization believes that such content has the potential to disrupt communal harmony and create unnecessary tensions within society.

Demand for Ban and FIR:

In their letter to Prime Minister Modi, the All India Cine Workers’ body has emphasized the need for a ban on Adipurush. Their assertion is that through the ban on the film, they seek to safeguard the social fabric of the nation from potential harm. Furthermore, they have appealed to the authorities to file a First Information Report (FIR) against the film’s creators, claiming that certain provisions of the law have been violated through the dissemination of objectionable content. This standpoint reflects their commitment to addressing perceived threats to social harmony and holding accountable those responsible for any alleged transgressions.

Supporters and Opposition:

The call for a ban on Adipurush has generated mixed reactions from various quarters. Some members of the film industry have come out in support of the All India Cine Workers’ body, stating that the concerns raised are valid and should be addressed. They argue that artistic freedom should be exercised responsibly, without causing harm to any community or religious beliefs.

However, there are also individuals who hold the belief that artistic expression should not face restrictions, and that the film should be allowed to be released without any form of interference. They argue that imposing a ban on a film sets a worrisome precedent for creative freedom and has the potential to result in self-censorship within the industry. This perspective emphasizes the importance of upholding the principles of artistic liberty while considering the diverse viewpoints surrounding the film’s content and potential impact.

The Way Forward:

The controversy surrounding Adipurush presents a complex challenge that requires a careful balance between artistic freedom and social responsibility. It is crucial to address the concerns raised by the All India Cine Workers’ body while also upholding the principles of freedom of expression.

In such cases, open dialogue and constructive discussions between the concerned parties can help find a middle ground. It is essential for the filmmakers, representatives of the All India Cine Workers’ body, and relevant government authorities to engage in meaningful conversations to address the concerns and find a solution that respects both artistic freedom and social harmony.


The demand by the All India Cine Workers’ body to ban Adipurush and file an FIR against its creators has brought the film into the spotlight even before its release. The concerns raised about potential social unrest and disrespect towards religious sentiments are important considerations that need to be addressed. The coming days will shed light on how this controversy unfolds and whether a resolution can be reached through dialogue and understanding.

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