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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Promo: Nagarjuna Unveils the Quirky Twist in Our Beloved Guilty Pleasure

The exciting sneak peek of Bigg Boss Telugu 7 has fans buzzing with anticipation. Hosted by Nagarjuna, this season brings a fresh twist called the “Ulta-Pulta” theme. It means things will be turned upside down, bringing crazy challenges and lots of fun for the contestants.

In the promo, Nagarjuna introduces us to this unique theme. The colorful house matches the quirky vibe, with upside-down furniture and wild tasks. The promo promises a roller-coaster of surprises and chaos.

Nagarjuna’s energy adds to the excitement as fans eagerly wait for the show’s premiere. Bigg Boss Telugu has always been a guilty pleasure, with drama and unexpected moments. The “Ulta-Pulta” theme adds a twist, making sure everyone stays on their toes.

The promo has started discussions online, with fans sharing their excitement and guessing the challenges. Memes and comments flood the internet, showing how popular the show is.

As the countdown begins, Bigg Boss Telugu 7 promises loads of entertainment. The “Ulta-Pulta” theme, introduced by Nagarjuna, adds a new level of fun and excitement. It’s a refreshing escape from the routine, inviting viewers to enjoy the unexpected and have some guilty pleasure. With Nagarjuna leading the way and thrilling twists in store, this upcoming season is set to be a delightful and captivating ride for both fans and contestants.

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