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Bollywood Actor Chrisann Pereira Returns Home After Nightmarish Ordeal in UAE Jail

In a heartwrenching journey, Bollywood actor Chrisann Pereira has finally reunited with her family in Mumbai after enduring a harrowing ordeal in Sharjah Central Jail in the UAE. The emotional moment of her homecoming was captured in an Instagram video by her brother, where the 27-year-old actor was warmly welcomed by her loved ones, including her beloved dog, at the airport.

Chrisann Pereira’s nightmare began when she was unwittingly framed by two individuals who planted drugs in a trophy and deceived her under the pretext of auditioning for a web series. Oblivious to the sinister plot, she arrived in Sharjah, only to be apprehended by authorities who discovered marijuana and opium hidden in the trophy.

The perpetrators behind this malicious scheme, Anthony Paul and Rajesh Damodar Bobate, have since been arrested by Mumbai Police.

Following a month-long ordeal in jail, Pereira was finally released in April and cleared of all charges.

A heartwarming video of the family’s reunion was shared by her brother, Kevin Pereira, on Instagram. Initially expecting his sister’s return by April 28, Kevin later revealed that there was no set date, but Chrisann eventually made it back last night.


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The emotional reunion between Chrisann and her mother, Pramila Pereira, was captured on film, with hugs and tears of joy marking the long-awaited moment. The emotional connection was further strengthened by the warm welcome from her dog, waiting eagerly in the car.

“Chrisann is finally back & reunited with us. I know I had announced in June that she would be back, but it took slightly longer and she’s finally back,” Kevin Pereira captioned the heartfelt post.

Known for her supporting roles in films like “Sadak 2” and “Batla House,” Chrisann Pereira became the unfortunate victim of revenge plotted by bakery owner Anthony Paul, who harbored animosity towards her mother.

Rajesh Damodar Bobate, an associate of Paul, posed as a talent consultant named Ravi, cunningly luring Chrisann to Sharjah under the guise of an audition for a web series, while secretly sending drugs with her, unbeknownst to her.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Chrisann vehemently maintained her innocence, firmly asserting that she was framed in the case.


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Pereira’s family, residing in Borivali, left no stone unturned in their fight to bring her back home, actively campaigning on social media to garner support and attention for her case.

In conclusion, the journey of Chrisann Pereira’s return home after her traumatic experience in the UAE jail highlights the importance of perseverance and family support in times of adversity. Her emotional reunion with her loved ones signifies a triumphant end to a nightmarish chapter in her life.

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