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Dialogue Writer Manoj Muntashir Agrees to Alter Controversial Dialogues in ‘Adipurush’

The controversy surrounding the upcoming film ‘Adipurush‘ took an interesting turn as dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir agreed to modify the contentious dialogues that had sparked a public outcry. The film, starring Prabhas in the lead role, has been in the spotlight due to objections raised against certain dialogues, which were deemed as disrespectful to a particular community. Let’s delve into the details of Muntashir’s decision to address the concerns and the implications it may have for the film.

Responding to Public Outcry:

In the face of mounting public backlash and the growing controversy, Manoj Muntashir, the acclaimed dialogue writer known for his impactful work in Bollywood, has chosen to address the objections raised against the dialogues in ‘Adipurush’. In light of the concerns raised by different groups and individuals regarding the perceived disrespect and potential offensiveness of the content, this decision has been made in direct response to address those concerns.

Acknowledging Sensitivities:

Muntashir’s willingness to alter the controversial dialogues demonstrates his sensitivity towards the sentiments of the audience. Being a prominent figure in the industry, he is fully aware of the responsibility that accompanies his role and the significant influence his words can have on the audience. By acknowledging the valid concerns raised, he aims to ensure that the final product respects the sentiments of all communities involved.

Balancing Creative Expression and Social Responsibility:

This development highlights the delicate balance between artistic freedom and social responsibility in the creative process. As filmmakers work tirelessly to bring their creative visions to fruition, it is crucial for them to remain conscious of the potential consequences and the importance of nurturing unity and reverence within society. Muntashir’s decision reflects a commitment to maintaining this balance and addressing the objections without compromising the essence of the film.

Collaborative Approach:

Muntashir’s decision to modify the controversial dialogues also reflects a collaborative approach within the filmmaking process. It showcases a genuine willingness to listen to the audience’s concerns and actively engage in meaningful conversations that can lead to positive outcomes.By taking these steps, the team behind ‘Adipurush’ aims to ensure that the film resonates positively with viewers while maintaining the integrity of the narrative.

Implications for the Film:

By agreeing to change the controversial dialogues, Manoj Muntashir’s decision has the potential to defuse the ongoing controversy surrounding ‘Adipurush’. This move may help the film regain its focus on its core narrative and allow audiences to appreciate it without the distractions caused by the objections. It also sets a precedent for greater sensitivity and inclusivity in future projects, fostering a more harmonious environment within the industry.


Manoj Muntashir’s decision to alter the controversial dialogues in ‘Adipurush’ signifies a significant development in the ongoing controversy surrounding the film. By acknowledging the concerns and taking necessary steps, the dialogue writer demonstrates a commitment to responsible storytelling and a respect for diverse sentiments. This decision not only addresses the objections raised but also promotes a collaborative and inclusive approach in the creative process. The outcome of these changes remains to be seen, but it highlights the importance of open dialogue and sensitivity in shaping impactful cinematic experiences.

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