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Margot Robbie Speaks Out: Addressing the Internet’s Foot Fascination with Barbie

The world has been captivated by Margot Robbie‘s perfectly arched feet ever since the first Barbie trailer dropped. The Australian actress has been flattered by the attention her feet have garnered, and she finds it amusing that people have developed such an obsession with them. In an interview, she revealed that she hadn’t googled herself before and was surprised to see that “Margot Robbie feet” appeared as a popular search suggestion. She came across photos and articles dedicated to her feet and even discovered a film featuring footage of them. Despite the fascination, Margot is happy that people find her feet beautiful.

During a recent interview, Margot Robbie discussed the infamous foot scene in Barbie and clarified that it was indeed her feet on display. She shot the scene with just eight takes and explained that small sticky pieces of double-sided tape were used on the floor to keep her shoes from slipping off. She also held onto a bar for support but didn’t use any harness or body double. Margot prefers having complete creative control over her scenes and avoids using inserts or body doubles whenever possible.


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As the excitement builds for the release of Barbie, Margot Robbie’s performance is already garnering attention, especially the iconic foot scene. The film follows Barbie as she leaves Barbie Land and embarks on a journey to find true happiness in the real world. With Margot’s talent and dedication to her craft, audiences can expect a captivating and unforgettable performance.

In conclusion, Margot Robbie’s stunning feet have become a talking point among fans and the media. Her performance in Barbie, particularly the foot scene, is eagerly anticipated by many. Margot’s candid and humorous response to the foot fascination adds to her charm and authenticity. As the release date approaches, audiences are excited to witness her portrayal of the iconic character and experience the magical world of Barbie.

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