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OMG 2: Akshay Kumar Faces Censor Board Heat Over Portrayal of God in Human Form

In an unexpected twist, the Central Board of Film Certification introduces new rules on depicting gods in human form, impacting Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film, OMG 2. The guidelines strictly forbid human portrayals of deities, causing consequences for the actor-producer.

Akshay Kumar, celebrated for his versatility and pristine image, confronts a challenging situation when choosing to play Lord Shiva in the sequel to the 2012 film OMG, where he portrayed Lord Krishna. His decision unleashes unanticipated repercussions.

A close source reveals that Akshay Kumar knowingly ventures into forbidden territory, relying on his popularity and clean image to support his portrayal of a divine figure. Yet, times have changed since his last godly role, and the current political climate is less forgiving.

As a producer of the film, Akshay Kumar collaborates with the same team behind the first OMG movie, but his choice to embody Lord Shiva sparks mixed reactions due to the new certification guidelines that strictly prohibit such portrayals.

The core issue revolves around depicting Lord Shiva, a revered Hindu deity, dealing with a sensitive social matter like masturbation on Earth. The Central Board of Film Certification deems this crossing a line and inappropriate for a divine character’s association with such subjects.


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The board’s stance reflects the evolving film industry dynamics and heightened sensitivity towards religious representations. As social and political climates change, scrutiny on creative expressions intensifies, especially concerning religious and mythological subjects.

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Even actors with clean images and devoted fan followings face challenges when portraying divine characters. Clean-image Prabhas faced rejection for his portrayal of Lord Rama, emphasizing the scrutiny on such depictions.

OMG 2’s clash with the censor board serves as a poignant reminder to filmmakers and actors to approach the depiction of gods and religious figures in human form with extreme care and respect. These portrayals necessitate a delicate balance of artistic expression and adherence to cultural and religious sensitivities.

While Akshay Kumar’s intentions may be genuine, his choice to play Lord Shiva in a film addressing a social issue sparks controversy and raises questions about the appropriateness of such portrayals.

As the film industry navigates through this complex landscape, filmmakers and artists must remain mindful of the impact their creative choices may have on religious sentiments and cultural sensibilities.

In conclusion, Akshay Kumar’s involvement in OMG 2 faces a significant setback due to the Central Board of Film Certification‘s new guidelines. The portrayal of gods in human form is now strictly regulated, requiring filmmakers to approach religious or mythological subjects with caution. This incident serves as a reminder of the evolving film industry and the importance of respecting and upholding cultural and religious sensitivities.

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