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OMG 2 trailer: Akshay Kumar as Shiva’s messenger is here to help Pankaj Tripathi save his son

The trailer for OMG 2 has arrived after much anticipation. Starring Akshay Kumar as Shiva’s messenger, the film follows a man’s battle for his son’s right to education, portrayed by the brilliant Pankaj Tripathi.

The trailer opens with Lord Shiva himself seeking his loyal Nandi’s help to send a messenger to aid Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj’s character), whose son faces expulsion from school due to a deemed ‘vulgar’ act. In a courtroom clash with lawyer Yami Gautam, Kanti finds guidance from Shiva’s divine messenger.

OMG 2, helmed by Amit Rai, is set for a major Bollywood clash with Sunny Deol‘s action-packed Gadar 2. The film has been under scrutiny, with the censor board being extra cautious due to its religious theme.

A sequel to OMG: Oh My God, the film’s predecessor featured Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna. Last month, a teaser offered a glimpse into the world of OMG 2.

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Originally scheduled for Wednesday, the trailer’s launch was delayed as a mark of respect for art director Nitin Desai’s unfortunate demise. Akshay shared the update, paying tribute to the stalwart in production design and a significant part of the cinema fraternity.

(Note: The above content is fictional and for illustrative purposes only, as no real OMG 2 trailer exists at the time of writing.)

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